Fun at Work, Part 2: Irony

There is a funny video that a co-worker discovered a music video to the song “My Cubicle” (a parody of “You’re Beautiful”). I suggest watching it right now, otherwise you’ll surf away from this post thinking “Wow, that was a waste of space” and actually be more right today than every other day you’ve thought that. I’m going to try puting it here… if that doesn’t work, click on the title to open the link.

Okay, now that you’ve seen it and laughed, a true story I’ll call “Irony: Case in Point.” The coworker who shared this video with me had to leave, but insisted I share it with another coworker we feel is notorious for finding ways to put off or avoid work, from hereforth referred to as “June Bug” to protect his identity. Later that afternoon, I went to June Bug’s office to get him to come watch the video. What did I find? June Bug with his tall chair back to the door and a scientific journal resting in his lap. June Bug was sound asleep. Too ironic.


One thought on “Fun at Work, Part 2: Irony

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