Cricket Rules

The other night Joe and I were leaving a grocery store. I was on my side of the car and he was on the other side, about to unlock it for us. Joe said “Watch out.” So I looked away, thinking he was going to spit (he knows I don’t like to see that, and so when he’s going to he usually warns me). Instead I hear a load blowing sound and look over to see Joe blowing on the car and a small black thing soaring through the air, straight at me. I hurry backwards as the black thing arcs toward me. It finally hit the ground, less than a foot in front of my sandaled feet. It was a black cricket. Now, I hate crickets. I really hate roaches, but black crickets are a close second. Grasshoppers are okay, but crickets are not. Joe knows this about me. Joe starts to laugh. (it’s my blog, I can change tenses if I want) I demand “UNLOCK THE CAR, NOW.” Joe stops laughing and unlocks the car. We get in the car and ask “What were you doing?” Joe explains that there was a cricket above his door and he was blowing it off so he could get in the car. When I asked why he blew the cricket at me, he said that he wasn’t trying to blow it directly at me, just away from the door. That’s when I declared, with all the authority I could muster, “You don’t blow crickets at people.”

We laughed about it later… apparently Joe has made it 26 years unaware of this key rule in social interactions.


One thought on “Cricket Rules

  1. Kathryn,

    Thanks for sending me your link. You are quite funny!! :) My favorite was the guy asleep at work. And of course, the video.

    I miss you friend!! Life has been so crazy lately! We really, really, really need to get together.

    love ya,

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