Road Trip Part 4: For Lovers

Click here to see the map of Day 4’s travels.

We packed up camp the next morning and headed to Staunton, VA, to stay with Joe’s cousin and his wife (Jesse and Laura). Most of the day was spent driving, but we enjoyed a yummy dinner and catching up with the two of them that night.

State #6 for the trip: Virginia

The signs all over say “Virginia: for lovers” though I’m not really sure why. It was very beautiful and I’m sure it’s amazing when the trees have leaves, and especially when they are changing colors. And maybe lovers enjoy beautiful places together?

The next day we spent exploring that part of Virginia. (Click here to see the area.)

Downtown Stauton

We played some disc golf (if you’re surprised, you really don’t know Joe).

We visited a cemetery with a mass grave for Confederate soldiers.

We visited the Luray Caverns, famous for the stalagtite organ it has. (I have a video of this, and will look into posting it when I get a chance.) One area had a shallow lake (about 6 inches deep) that showed a beautiful reflection of the ceiling. Here’s a picture – it’s hard to believe that the bottom is actually perfectly smooth.

The Blue Ridge Mountains were beautiful!


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