I’m very sick

I haven’t posted in a very long time, almost entirely because I’ve been in pain a lot the last 2.5 weeks. A lot has happened to blog about (and post pictures)… my sister graduated, some good friends moved to Virginia, and our garden is producing veggies. I’ve had a come-and-go (but often fairly severe when it’s here) pain in my lower abdomen for almost 3 weeks. I saw the doctor after 6 days, and he said to wait until the next week, and if I was still feeling bad he’d refer me to a specialist. The pain didn’t stop – it actually worsened and became focused on my left side, but the earliest appointment they could get June 5th. I came down with a fever Monday night and was in a lot of pain that lessened right as we were thinking I needed to go to the ER (so we did not go). First thing Tuesday, I saw my doctor and he did a bunch of tests and ruled out a bunch of stuff. Later that day I had an abdominal CT scan. I saw the specialist Wednesday, who had the CT scan results. They didn’t show anything abnormal. They are doing a colonoscopy tomorrow, which means I can’t eat again today (again because I couldn’t before the CT scan), and I have to take drugs that “completely clear out the intestines” (I’ll let you figure out the method of clearing). I had to take similar drugs before the CT scan (they did a contrast scan), and those have not stopped working. So I’m pretty drained, and I doubt my antibiotics are getting a chance to be absorbed. I got a pamplet about colonoscopies, and it has this picture:
I have never hoped more than now to see “this picture is not drawn to scale,” but no such clause was given. The scope (on the right hand side, sorry it’s blurry) is about half the size of the guy’s head!

Seriously, I’ve been scared and hope they find out what’s wrong soon. I’m going to end up missing all week of work (Monday was a holiday), which isn’t good either. Please pray for my healing and that (if I’m not healed by then) the problem can be found tomorrow. God has been good and lessened my pain when I really can’t handle any more (though I’ve found out I can handle a lot more than I thought). Joe has helped so much and been a huge comfort to me. I’m going to drink some water and then try to get some more rest now – I’ve only been sitting up a little while and I’m worn out!


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