Midnight Release Party!

Yes, more Harry Potter. I now have pictures from the release party at Barnes and Noble… they took Polaroids, and I scanned it.
If you were curious, Joe and I stayed up until 3am Saturday morning (after returning home with our copy), got some sleep, woke up and went to a garage sale and bought a microwave for $10 (ours died last weekend), went to my sister’s where Joe took my brother-in-law to pick up their copy of the book, which we then borrowed. We returned home and read the book. Joe had made plans to meet with a friend, so he was gone a couple of hours in the evening. I finished the book not long before midnight, and Joe finished around 2am (Sunday morning).

We dressed up for the Barnes and Noble Release Party. I was Hermione (again), and Joe was Mad-Eye Moody. You can’t see it in the picture, but we used sticky drawer liner that looks like fake wood to cover Joe’s foot (the closest we could get to giving him a real wooden foot). Joe got a LOT of attention, and several people asked to take a picture with him. You should ask him what one junior high boy said to him – it’s pretty funny. The party was not very exciting, but they did have a 10 or 11 foot long snake that we touched took pictures with. And, more importantly, we got a copy of the book!

I posted something after I had finished reading it, and it was way past my bedtime, so it probably doesn’t make any sense. I’ll rewrite it as soon as I build up enough courage to read it. :)


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