12 Week Challenge: Day 2

I made it! My arms actually felt better while I was working out (mostly because they were warm and I could extend them all the way), and I got a better stretch in this time (since I wasn’t passing out). I ate lunch of salad and chicken around noon, an apple at 3:30, a piece of whole wheat bread at 4:50, and a banana at 5:00 before the 5:30 workout, so I much better fueled.

(side note: right now it’s storming REALLY bad with lots of thunder and lightning!)

My arms hurt a lot last night, but I took some pain medicine and poured on some icy-hot (actually, ours is “all natural” and called sore-no-more). So woo hoo! Just this afternoon I was able to stretch my right arm out straight again, and my left arm doesn’t hurt unless I move it out of it’s comfort-zone. My legs are doing just fine, mostly because I still have decent muscles in my legs and my heart / lungs give out way before they do when I’m doing cardio-training. I’m working on that, though!

My birthday is tomorrow, and Joe’s got surprises planned that should take up the whole day. I’m excited!

Some people where I work are preparing for Hurricane Dean to hit next week, thinking it may hit Galveston. Joe’s family lives on that side of Houston and had mandatory evacuations a couple of years ago for Hurricane Rita (it was right after Katrina). It took them between 12 and 14 hours to get out of Houston. I know it’s supposed to be better now, but I hope Dean doesn’t pose a big enough threat for them to require evacuations.


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