Kolache Festival and Joe Gets Another Weird Fortune

I’m sorry for three things: (1) I’m a week behind in my blog (2) I didn’t take any pictures of the fun we had last weekend (3) Joe got dibs on a blog topic.

Last Friday night we stopped by First Fridays at the Frame Gallery in downtown Bryan. There is new art, live jazz, and a hands-on art project. It was fun (as always), and we ran into several people we knew.

We then drove to Caldwell for the street dance that was kicking off the Kolache Festival. A man with cowboy boots, tight jeans, a plaid shirt, a cowboy hat, and a boom mic was the entertainment. Oh, and he had an accordion. He was only one of many who looked like a cowboy but spoke Czech. He played and sang many Czech polkas and waltzes. Though we did not brave the dance floor (or street, as the case may be), we enjoyed the music and dancing.

Saturday morning we drove back out to Caldwell and made our way to the kolache stands (we had heard that they were known to sell out early). In line, we saw Julia (our friend Wes’ sister) who was helping out some of her in-laws at an award-winning kolache stand. We tried some of their kolaches, and they were VERY good. I also found a chocolate kolache… so dangerous. It was very good, and it is very good I only bought one. They remind me of the chocolate croissants at La Madeline, only with a little sweeter chocolate. Joe tried a pumpkin pie kolache that was good, too.

We ran into Wes’ mom, too! And Wes’ friend’s wife Christie with her tiny little baby boy. He was very cute. And we got to beat Wes and Heather to meeting him. We saw a few more people we knew, which was somewhat surprising given that there was an afternoon Aggie football game that day. We left the Kolache Festival about 11:30 or noon.

We next went to visit our friends April and Michael (and baby Joel) and their 3 baby chickens! Very cute. I got to hold one, and she was soft.

We went back to our place to shower (it was a very HOT Kolache Festival) and relax in the air conditioning a few minutes. Then we headed over to some new friend’s place. Not only did they feed us a fabulous dinner, but they also let me ride their horse! Though Joe knew the husband, I didn’t know anyone in the family ahead of time , but we had a great time and I think got to know them a lot better!

Changing the topic entirely….

Joe said he had dibs on this topic, but I kept the fortune, so of course I have to scan it and put that in my blog! I’ll link to his as soon as he blogs about it. Today we had Chinese food at Joe’s favorite local place – China King Buffet. Remember Joe’s bad fortune he got there last time? Well the one he got today was just confusing! Any ideas on what this means?

(In case you can’t read it, it says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Wonton or Dumpling?)


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