I’m trying!

I was trying so hard not to get more than a week behind in updating, but it’s happening now! You can expect a post sometime next week about our busy-but-fun weekend with some fun pictures. Here’s a quick review:

Saturday 7:30am – 9:00 – plant sale at A&M – buy plants for summer garden
Saturday 9:30am- 1:00 – Open house at Vet school with friends (more exciting than that sounds)
Saturday 4:00 – 6:00 – Mary Kay grand opening for my friend Whitney
Saturday night – what happened to this night? I must have been home with Joe
Sunday morning – do dishes and laundry
Sunday mid-day – plan and plant new garden (but missed Joe’s soccer game)
Sunday evening – host church (so we came an hour early and stayed an hour late)
Sunday late night – eat dinner with the Wakefields – our friends visiting from Virginia!
Sunday very late night – release 200+ ladybugs to eat the aphids I found on our plants (yes, I took pictures!)

It’s been a fairly busy week, too. Our church has a ladies retreat (that I’ve been working on stuff for) that starts at 6:00 this evening and will last until mid-morning tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it! I have a few things to do this weekend, but it won’t be nearly as busy as last weekend, which will be nice (especially since we’re just about out of clean clothes).

I like the freedom you have in blogging – I can change from hours of the day to vague “mid-day” type terms and no one can complain! (Actually, they could, but there seems to be a rampant fear of commenting, so no one WILL complain.)


One thought on “I’m trying!

  1. Ok, so I did miss the A&M plant sale. I am so bummed. It seems like I missed everything that weekend…Big Event, my favorite plant sale, and the vet school open house which Sam loves. I guess we’ll have to be more careful in our planning next year or maybe A&M can spread things out a bit! Good to hear about your life.

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