Attack of the Ladybugs!

I like ladybugs. But hundreds of ladybugs… it starts to get creepy.

Saturday, March 29th, I bought several plants for our garden at the A&M plant sale. I’ve got them all planted and set up (with tomato cages and the like) now, so I’ll take a few pictures to post soon. When we bought the plants, I noticed that several of them had a bug problem. We asked one of the horticulture students who was helping what they were, and our worst fear (they are just plants, you know) was confirmed: aphids. So after planting the garden Sunday, I went to a nursery in town and bought some ladybugs. The only way to buy them was a refrigerated small container with over 200 of them. I was told to release them after dark so they were less likely to migrate. See the two ladybugs in the upper left-hand corner of the picture below? That’s what they said would happen. Then they lay eggs and the larvae also eats the bad garden bugs. (I hope this is very educational for all of you.)

Like I said, Sunday night we went out to eat with the Wakefields and Blands (hehe, if she finds out Chalyce will fake-kill me for linking to that and then drawing even more attention attention to it with this parenthetical statement), so we didn’t get home until very late. Joe was a great sport, and soon we had ladybugs EVERYWHERE! Don’t believe me? Here goes:

All the tiny dots of the sidewalk were ladybugs – it was hard not to step on any!
Ladybugs on my hand!

Ladybugs on the water hose – why did they like it so much?

Ladybugs in my hair – I felt like things were crawling on me for hours!


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