Good News!

I read this article on and was interested by this idea:

What accompanies the vegetables can also be important. Studies at Ohio State measured blood levels of subjects who ate servings of salsa and salads. When the salsa or salad was served with fat-rich avocados or full-fat salad dressing, the diners absorbed as much as 4 times more lycopene, 7 times more lutein and 18 times the beta carotene than those who had their vegetables plain or with low-fat dressing.

So throw out that fat-free ranch!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to complain that I can’t upload pictures for some reason and that’s what is holding up several of my blog posts (okay, two).

I’d also, also like to take this opportunity to help you out with Joe’s blog. He tends to use big words a lot of the time, and I’d like to help you understand. For example in his latest post, I think the word “clandestinely” means something like secretly… it’s a word in my favorite song from my second favorite musical-I-haven’t-actually-seen. And, as I found out last night, in the blog’s title “Making it all up as I go along… sundry tales and wails” he didn’t really mean to type “sundried”… that’s actually a word. I think he told me it means something like various or assorted. Even if you don’t have time to make it through the most recent post, you should check out the video clip at the end, I helped! The second paragraph explains more fully what is exemplified. And I’m happy to say that my ad-lib actually caught Joe off guard at the end and made him really laugh. :)


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