Painting Project!

Saturday afternoon Joe and I painted some bamboo for our living room. We’ve had a big space above our futon for a while, and this project cost us about $5 (we used paint we already had). I don’t like the idea of paying for art that looks like something I could have done, I’m too cheap to pay for good art, and my mom refuses to paint something for me. ;) Neither Joe nor I have painting experience and we used foam brushes, but it turned out good enough for me – and feel more meaningful since we did it together. A few of you may remember, I’ve been wanting to get this done for a while! Woohoo!

Mom, you need to learn how to comment – my best guess is that now you think we need some shiny red circle-shaped pillows for the couch. Everyone who has seen our living room – is the brown too much for the already colorful room? I thought it might help bring in the recliner. Actually, I’ll post some pics of the rest of the room so everyone can voice an informed opinion. Oh, and if you don’t like the bamboo at all, I don’t care and I’ll delete your comment. ;)


2 thoughts on “Painting Project!

  1. Kathryn, this is your mom, I first thought this was a painting or print that you had bought. I certainly think it is way far better than I could do (remember, I am a ‘realist’ and this painting is more ‘impressionistic’ or ‘photo-like’ – a look I could not achieve) I will look for round RED pillows for your fouton. YOU GUYS DID A FANTASTIC JOB! I love you both.

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