New House & Advertising to Nerds

We closed on our house this morning! I think in my dreams it involved less signing papers and more us standing in front of a big sign with balloons getting pictures taken as the sellers handed over the keys. If I owned a title company, that’s what I’d do. They did have a candy bowl, which was a move in the right direction. I’m only a little sad that we didn’t have a “handing over the keys” moment (yes, I actually brought my camera hoping for one, even if there weren’t balloons). Oh well… we’re now homeowners!

As a little tidbit, I’d like to share what happens when advertisers are asked to market to scientists. I’m actually embarrassed that I’m in the target audience, and can totally relate to times when my hand hurts from too much pipetting.

I’ll let you know next time a boy-band bursts into our lab and takes us away to a beach. Maybe next week.


One thought on “New House & Advertising to Nerds

  1. I wonder how much they got paid to try and make automatic pipetting sound sexy.

    Oh, and congratulations on the new house!

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