Let the Painting Begin…

I’ve officially spent more time at Home Depot in the last week than in the previous 3 years. Last Christmas someone gave Joe a HD gift card and we were like “what do we do with this?” Now we know.

Last night we found out that the wall texture guy didn’t come AT ALL on Friday. I’ve got a lot of really good ideas for a funny-but-true video of a day in the life of a contractor, but I think I better wait on it, or the sarcasm would be way too much for the general population. Friday night Joe and I got almost all of the drywall up and I took the trim off the top of the kitchen cabinets (so the ceiling can be made level). Joe also picked up doorknobs we got on Craigslist. They look great, and there were actually nine of them, so now we don’t have to buy any more interior doorknobs! (Wow, my life sounds really dull reading that sentence. I probably could have done without the exclamation point, but when something house related goes right, I get pretty excited.)

Today, for the second time, the wall guy shows up the day after we say we’re definitely finding someone else – and he does so without returning a single phone call (of which there had been plenty). But at least he got some good work done – more than the other two days he’s come combined. I also gave him a good talk and let him know we really needed this done. We decided that the front part of the house will be done Monday night. So maybe it’ll be done by Wednesday. (Am I learning how contractors work?)

Joe finished drywall today!!! We’re both so glad to be done with it! April came over and we got two nice coats of Kilz on the walls in the red room – I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow. It was wonderful to have someone to chat with while working, and the work went so much faster. Thanks April! I plan to paint the “guest” bedroom tomorrow morning.

A note on room names: I guess we’ll have to rename the rooms, because we (okay, just me) gave them names on our first impressions. The “office” might end up holding the guest bed while we’re not sure who will end up in “grandma’s room” (the add-on built originally for someone’s grandma). Maybe when it’s more our own (after we’ve moved in) we can give them new names.


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