How would you spend your birthday?

Cleaning, painting, and buying plywood? That’s how my mom spent her birthday today! My parents got in last night (Thursday), and I took off work today to work harder than if I had gone to work. We got more painting done (though there’s still a lot left) and starting cleaning the area to get ready to put the floors down tomorrow.

Today the handyman was supposed to finish the last few things he had, but didn’t show. I called around 3:00, and he said that he had forgotten he told someone else he would work on their place today. So my mom finished the last of the texturing for him and he’ll have to finish the work in the kitchen after the floors are in.

I still need to finish painting the edges in the living room, so I’m waiting until that’s done to post a picture. We started a second coat, and that also makes it look a lot better.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for working hard and helping us get this done! Happy Birthday, Mom!


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