Happy Birthday, Grandmas!

Both of my grandmother’s birthdays were on Wednesday, and with everything going on, I didn’t call either of them. :( While I won’t tell who’s older, I’ll share a couple of stories on their behalf.
Happy Birthday, Grammy! One of my happiest memories with you is one that was repeated many times. I loved to chop your homegrown pecans in your chopper jar, similar to the one above. Now, I’ve always hated nuts in brownies and cookies, and never liked pecan pie, but I loved to help you bake. So nut-chopping was a critical job I could contribute from a young age, and I loved it. Now I love to bake, and I’m sure the many delicious things that came from your oven (and from Aunt Rhonda who was often there, too) helped to spur me on to bake more on my own. Grammy, thank you for the time you spent baking with me!

Happy Birthday, Nanny! We all know you’re the wild one in the family. Right after my senior year of high school, you took all the cousins and their friends (there was between 12 and 15 of us) to Disney World and some surrounding attractions. It was a fun and very memorable trip. Somehow, you convinced me and two cousins to go on the world’s tallest skycoaster (literally). It was very fun, especially the free-fall at the beginning! I usually don’t need much encouragement in the rational thinking department, but it’s good to have someone like you pushing me to go for something out of the box. Nanny, thank you for some fun and unique memories.


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