I’m not dead.

My mom called two days ago and then emailed again yesterday to confirm that I’m not dead… at least I know one person misses this blog when I don’t post! She also requested pictures, so here goes:

spare bedroom
guest bedroom

As you can see, we haven’t really unpacked! There’s a lot to say, but not much time right now. So you will have to settle for brief factual updates and hold your breath for the hilarious anecdotes.

Monday after work I spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon trying to figure out why our internet didn’t work. Joe fell asleep during this time. Next we grabbed dinner and returned Bill’s truck (THANK YOU! He let us borrow it all weekend!!!). Then we went to the house and cleaned. Unfortunately, Joe and I were fairly out of it, and it was around 9:00pm when we started. We quickly realized that we forgot our ice chest (to move the contents of our fridge / freezer). So we got most of the cleaning done and made another trip back to the new house. After unloading everything and showering, it ended up being past 2am when we got to bed – we did start late, but it sure took a lot longer than expected (I think it’s always like that).

Tuesday I think everything caught up with Joe and I. We both felt very tired and sick (probably because of all the dust). I’ve stayed stopped up all week, but Tuesday was the worst – because of all the drainage, my throat hurt a lot and I felt nauseous (yes, I know you really wanted to know that). We ended up sleeping until almost 11:30am and decided to take the rest of the day off from house-related work (as well as paycheck-related work). We really needed that break. In the afternoon, a Verizon guy spent a couple of hours fixing the internet connection.

Wednesday we were back at work. Wednesday night was our church small group meeting, so we didn’t get much unpacking done.

Thursday night we helped move some stuff from the church building and then stayed at home. We tried to hook up the washer and dryer because we are out of clothes. The dryer vent is so close to the dryer that we need to buy another short connector, so that didn’t get hooked up. The tube that connects the hot water to the washing machine was left on by the previous owners, and we soon discovered why – it wouldn’t come off! Joe sprayed WD40 and later CLR on it to try to loosen the corrosion, but the hose wouldn’t budge. He finally decided to leave it on and just connect the other end to our washing machine, but found out that it leaks significantly, so that’s not a good option. It’s looking like the whole spout might need to be replaced. So Joe and I are thinking about having a date at Harvey Washbangers tonight – anyone ever been there? I just gave away four laundry bags because I thought we’d never use them again!

You can probably tell we’ve already had some adventures in our new home. Hopefully I will have time to write more soon.


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