Birthday… and a small confession

There’s so much to catch up on, but I know I would regret it later if I didn’t post about my birthday. I’m trying to keep track of what happens that one day every year.

As you hopefully know, we’ve recently bought a house and are working to fix it up. Last Monday night (my birthday) we tried to have both work and fun. I love pasta and could live eating only pasta for a long time (and have a year of college to prove it). So Italian food is high on the types-of-food-I-like list. Since it’s expensive we hardly ever eat out at an Italian restaurant. Since it was my birthday (and I had steak – potentially the best food ever – recently) we went to Carino’s. Much to our surprise, they have a Monday night special – a family meal for the price of a single entree! We ordered Bowtie Festival, a dish with bowtie pasta, white sauce, grilled chicken and bacon (not the fatty looking type). The whole thing tastes like bacon and it’s fabulous. So we got salads, plenty to eat ourselves, and leftovers for lunch one day for the price of one entree – about $12 instead of the usual $23. It was so yummy!

Next we went home and painted primer on a room. Originally I had planned to take the evening off house work, but we really got a good amount of time off the house the week before. Besides, it feels good to get something accomplished. Part of the time Joe left to drop off a couple of things friends were borrowing. Check out pictures of the room on my home improvement blog.

Once we finished the room, we enjoyed delicious cake from HEB that had layers of chocolate cake, milk chocolate ganache, white chocolate icing, and white cake. I enjoyed every bite!

Now it’s time for the confession. Hopefully I rambled enough about Italian food to loose most of you by now. Here goes: we ended the evening by watching an episode of Battlestar Galactica. This isn’t the first time I’ve done that. Not even close.

In the very recent past, Joe and I have started watching BSG (I feel even nerdier using the abbreviation). We’ve now watched all of season one and two. It’s not like Star Wars. I don’t think it’s like Star Trek, but I only have really seen Star Trek the Next Generation. It’s hard to describe what it’s like, and it’s likely to make you even more sure I’m a weirdo, so I’m not going to try. In case I haven’t been clear with this confession: I like Battlestar Galactica.
Any other closet fans out there? I’m going to head some of you off – no comments from Dwight Schrute.


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