camp part 1: cute kiddos

I have lots in my head to write about church camp this year! We went down Thursday night and came back last night (Sunday). It was very good, but I’ll have to hit it in parts.

I got to spend time with some of our kids at church, which is (almost) always fun. There are several kids that I met as babies who now can carry on long conversations with me and seem to have opinions about everything (maybe they always did, just now they have words to express them). It seems like they are always amazing me – even with little things like asking where Joe is when I’m around (how do they know we go together when they can barely talk?) or even remembering my name. Ella Grace (one of this guy’s little girls) is one I got to spend a good chunk of time at the pool with. She just turned three and is adorable. I love it when other people post cute things their kids say, so I’ll share a short part of our pool conversation with you:

(note: Ella is very articulate, but does switch “she” and “her”)

Ella: Who is her?
me: She’s the lifegaurd.
Ella: What is her doing?
me: She watches us swim and keeps us safe.
Ella: Oh. Safe from the big, bad wolf. (this was not a question)


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