the lawn

Last Thursday night we had another first – Joe mowed the yard! Yes, we’ve owned the house for over a month, and this is the first time we (the royal we) have mowed. If you’ll remember, Michael did mow the yard for us a little while back, but it had gotten fairly unruly. It was a whole evening affair. Thanks to Britt who is letting us use his lawn mower while he’s lawn-less this year, and Ross who let us borrow a gas can at the last minute. Oh, and Expert Village for letting us know you don’t need to use special oil made just for lawnmowers – just 30 weight (hey, we’re new at this). It look a while to get going and a couple of refills on gas, but Joe mowed until it was too dark to keep going (and only a little patch in the back was left). Thanks Joe – you did a great job! Joe says we have a really big yard. :)

We did some work this weekend, so stay tuned for more pictures soon!


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