Being Healthier

Boring, but sharing goals means I have to stay accountable:

Yesterday Joe and I officially decided that we were going to do three things these next couple of weeks: (1) work harder on the house, (2) eat healthier, (3) work out (not just regularly, but a lot). We accomplish goals better if there’s some sort of deadline, and we have a few coming up.

(1) house: My mom is coming down Sunday for the week to help us work on the house. We have old friends coming from Houston to stay with us October 3-5. Both are good motivation to get a bunch done on the house!

(2 & 3) getting in better physical condition: Some ladies at church are having a party at which you are supposed to wear your wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dress on October 3rd. Since friends will be in town, I’m not sure if I’ll go, but I think I’ll at least try on my wedding dress for the first time in nearly 7 years. I’m pretty sure it is a size 4, and that is tiny for a wedding dress (a 10 is more like a 6 or 8). So my goal is more being CLOSE to fitting in it instead of actually fitting in it. Joe’s starting soccer season again, so that’s his motivation.

us and some of my wedding dress long, long ago

Hopefully the “deadlines” will help us get going on somethings we needed to do anyway! On to the funny part…

So, Joe and I had officially decided to do these things on the drive to work yesterday. I got to work to see an email from my boss that says to come downstairs for kolaches, cake, and other desserts for a coworker’s birthday. I didn’t go (though I did go down later to wish her a happy birthday and had to refuse cake then) and I ate my granola for breakfast. I went to a seminar at 11:00, and pizza and sodas were served afterwards. I decided to eat some pizza instead of the lunch I brought, but I stuck with water to drink. It smelled so good, and I had already turned down kolaches! The office woman who had organized the food is a friend and she insisted that I take a whole pizza back to the lab with me for lunch the next day (to share with one other person in my lab). I took it, but I’m going to eat what I brought for yesterday instead. Moving on, I went to another seminar at 4:00, and there were giant yummy-looking cookies from Jason’s Deli. I didn’t take one, even though at points I nearly fell asleep in the too-hot conference room hearing a man talk about nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the auditory cortex (do you blame me?). So the day I commit to eating better, I was offered tempting food all day at work. Of course.

primary auditory cortex (in human brain)

We did go running (which also involved some walking for me) yesterday. We have such a beautiful neighborhood! One neighbor has a pet goose!


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