What’s been happening: Family, Hurricane, House

Well, I haven’t been any better about blogging. I still haven’t finished that book I was supposed to weeks ago, despite reading some almost every day. But if I keep waiting it will be forever until I update.

I do have pictures (especially of the work on the house), but those are on another computer.

Here’s how September went:
September 11th-15th: Family and Ike. Joe’s parents and sister were staying with us, riding out Hurricane Ike. Though they both lost trees and power, no damage was done to their homes. Emily had power back on Monday, so his parents went there every night to sleep (with an A/C) and finally got power back on the 21st. Since it turned out not to hit us as a category one hurricane as predicted, we only lost limbs (tree limbs). This was the first time Joe’s family had seen our house!

September 16th: ComGroup. Our new small group for church started! We’re excited about this new year and our new small group that meets every week.

September 19th-21st: Family and Schlitterbahn. Joe and I went to San Antonio to visit Lauren and Kevin (my sister & her hubby). My parents gave us two free tickets to Schlitterbahn at Galveston, but it was closed (due to Hurricane Ike damage), so they accepted them at the original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Kevin had to work, so we planned to just buy one ticket and the three of us go. Saturday morning, while standing around in our swimsuits and making sure we had everything we needed, I realized I hadn’t brought the tickets. Not only had we left them at home, but NOT ONCE did it cross our minds to bring them with us. So, we got on craigslist and found someone who wanted $15 a piece for their tickets ($37.99 at the gate) that expired that day. Joe called and offered them $20 for all three and they accepted! (They had won the tickets, not paid for them, so I don’t feel bad about getting them for less. Plus the teenage girl who we picked them up from looked like she was wearing only a small towel.) So we had fun at the water park for less than the amount had we just bought one ticket at the gate. We arrived around 11:30 and were all worn out by 5:00. Not too worn out to stop by the outlet malls in San Marcos, however! Joe and I both got some shoes that we really like. And as much as I’d love to hate Victoria’s Secret, I really like the outlet there – some of the most comfortable bras for $9.99! Plus sports bras for $3.99 – the crappy WalMart ones cost more than that! Poor Lauren put up with me in there for a very long time. That night, Kevin had to close (he’s an assistant manager at Toys R Us), and was stuck with only two people to help him. I crashed at Lauren’s place, but Lauren and Joe went up and help clean the store. Close was at 10:00pm and they got home at 2:30am. This is a very common thing for Kevin – he’s on salary (no overtime) and works all the time and is given almost no one to help. Since my sister works 7-4, they don’t get to spend much time together. You can all pray that the situation drastically changes, or he finds a new job (and time to apply for them!). We were glad for the short amount of time we got to spend with L & K, and they have a really cute apartment down there. We hadn’t seen them since July 4th and hadn’t seen their place since we helped them move in (mid-March). I wish they still lived in College Station!

September 21st-27th: Family and the House. My mom came down all of last week to work on our house! She got almost all of the flooring done in the living and dining rooms! We also got bathroom fixtures (like a toilet paper holder) put up in one bathroom. My aunt and grandmother (mom’s mom) also came over from Conroe for Thursday and Friday. They helped put outlet covers on and redo the connection of the water line to the fridge (another long story). Aunt Sarah and Nanny had not yet seen the house, so that was fun. Friday / Saturday my mom also got doors on our closet and the overhead light / fan working in our bedroom. For a while we’ve only had lamps and a closet light in there! Hopefully we didn’t wear my mom out too much – thank you for working so hard and getting so much done! We love the floors!

September 27th: Joe and the Conflab. Joe periodically gets together with some men from the types of churches he grew up in (non-class Church of Christ) to discuss certain pre-determined topics. They call it a Conflab. To my understanding, a confab is like a conference or discussion, and since many of them are older and somewhat overwieght they mix confab with flab to get Conflab. Anyways, the topic this time was mutual edification. In their context, this means there are not hired ministers / pastors, instead “everyone” (for them, the baptised men or boys) take turns leading things on Sundays / Wednesdays (song leading, preaching, leading prayers, serving communion). They met in Nacogdoches, so Joe drove over there and was gone until after 10:00 Saturday night. If you want to know more about it, ask Joe!

There’s a couple of other things we’ve done, but those are the big ones!

Dresses. My mom brought down my wedding dress, along with some of my sister’s and my formals. (I talked about this before, in case you’re confused.) The wedding dress zipped up almost halfway, but is not very close to fitting. It certainly won’t fit tomorrow night, but that’s not a surprise. There was one formal that looks like a bridesmaid dress (I think it actually was, that’s why I got such a good price on it back then) that I can wear. (whew!) We’ve been better about jogging, though not as good as we could be. It’s really hard with so many things that you feel like you’re supposed to be doing! This is definitely a “there needs to be more hours in the day” time of life.

And something to look forward to:
October 3rd-5th: My good friend / roommate in college, Jennifer, and her family are coming to stay with us this weekend! We don’t have plans figured out yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully our place will be safe enough for her two kids (4 years and less than 2 years old)!


2 thoughts on “What’s been happening: Family, Hurricane, House

  1. The link to the Wikipedia page is about “non-institutional” churches of Christ instead of “non-class”. Since those of us from such types of COC backgrounds have typically derived our identities in terms of how we’re different from ‘the other guys’ (whether “denominational” or just other COC groups), I’ll go ahead and take offense for all of us collectively in the COC who are living in the truth, and not in error.

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