Day One of Creativity

Today went very quickly, with no time until late tonight to do “creative” activities between loads of laundry. Some other days I will have more time, but tonight Joe and I added furniture to our living room and rearranged it all! We also realized that some of the colors in our last place aren’t going to work as well as we thought with the new paint and floor, but here’s what we settled on:
I didn’t think to take a before shot, but all the red / gold pieces are new (to us) and there was a black futon in the room. This may be the first some of you have seen of the floor and paint – I hope you like it!

Tomorrow we’re getting my baby-grand piano! My parents bought it for me when I was two, and now that we own a home they’re moving it down here! Joe and I are both very excited. My parents are also coming down themselves, which will also be nice (maybe we can get our non-leaking faucet installed…. ;) ).


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