Day 8 – Dressing for a Wedding

Thursday was Day 8. Because it had been raining for two days, Joe’s soccer game was canceled. That meant a welcome extra night for us! Our friends Jordan and Danny are getting married Saturday, so we had to figure out what to wear. I think weddings are one of the hardest events to dress for, and I’m quite sure I’m not good at it.
There are many qualities that wedding guest attire should have, for example:
(1) modest – something of which the grandparents there will approve
(2) stylish / edgy – to look nicer than normal, not to mention the many pictures that will be taken
(3) not all white – duh, it’s the bride’s color!
(4) (this is my personal one) not all black – too much like mourning

Now, #1 and #2 often are directly conflicting. As Joe and I looked through the closet, I decided this outfit has a delicate balance of modesty and edginess. ;)

Yes, those are fishnet hose in case you didn’t notice. So, looking in the closest and making crazy wedding outfits was my creative thing for Thursday!


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