Days 9-11 – a video for you!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Joe and I spent some time working on a short video. Since it’s only one project I’m not sure if it really counts, but I did work on it some each day! The original idea was to make a series of videos on how to prepare for Halloween, but if I’m going to spend a decent amount of time on videos I’d rather do a bigger project we could share with more people.

I made this video in response to a few videos that have been emailed to me. I really, really don’t like getting videos like this. So I made one that I can send to all those people who sent me one. I’m not being mean – really! They wouldn’t have forwarded it to me unless they actually liked getting it themselves, right? So I’m sure they’ll enjoy this video.

Just in case you don’t know what videos I’m referring to, you can check out this one or this one.

Oh, and the song you hear a clip of is one I wrote a few years ago when playing with Finale – Joe’s music composition software. It’s just for fun. It’s called Cane-Free and it’s about an old man who just recently was able to walk without a cane once again.

And if you’re my friend, don’t trick me with one of these videos! ;)


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