Days 15, 20, 24, 25 – Embroidery project

I busted out a project I had the idea for and got started on a long time ago. Basically, I’m working on a quilt for our bed. On the middle of our quilt, I’ll have our namesake’s crest (Peebles, Scotland) with “Peebles” above it (hand embroidered) and the town / shire motto “Contra Nando Incrementum” below it. The Latin motto means something like “increase by swimming against the flow.” Even though it’s original reference is to the nearby salmon that go upstream to mate / increase, I think the idea of gaining something by going against the norm fits us pretty well. (At least the last half does!)

So I’m trying to hurry up and finish the name embroidery! It takes a long time, and I’ve spent quite a while several days working on it. On day 20 I was actually sick and stayed home from work, but this was something I could do while lying in bed. On the 24th and 25th days (yesterday and today), we drove to and from a wedding in Louisana, so this was a car-friendly project.

I’ll post more pictures of my plan for the quilt and the embroidery as it gets done. Here’s a little sneak peak:edit: here is this part completed


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