Mythbusters: Lauren’s b-day edition

Last Sunday was my little sister’s 24th birthday! I think I’m in more denial about her age than she is.

In honor of her birthday, Joe and I had our own special edition of Mythbusters.

My sister teaches at a preschool in San Antonio, and she does a great job! It’s not a babysitting-type place, they have strict goals for what the kids will learn. Lauren’s done neat stuff for the science part of class. One thing involved the kids trying to break an egg. She said that if you squeeze an egg evenly in your hand (not wearing any rings), that there’s not enough pressure in any one spot for the egg to break. You won’t be able to break it! She did this with her kids, giving them each a chance to break the egg. No one, including her, could break the egg just by squeezing. They tested other methods and eventually cracked the egg.

Joe and I decided to test her “fact” that you couldn’t break an egg by squeezing. I was making pumpkin bread and really didn’t want to have to pick shell out of the bowl, so I honestly didn’t try as hard as I could. I DID try harder than I thought it would take, though. Next, Joe squeezed an egg over the sink. He took off his ring and applied pressure evenly, and here’s the result:
That’s some serious distance! So, Lauren, I’m afraid to say…


Happy (now belated) Birthday, Lauren! :)


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