Fun at Work, Part 4

We had snow Wednesday – LOTS of snow! But that’s not what this post is about. Sorry.

I work in a small medical research lab. Sometimes we have students rotate through, but generally there were three of us in the lab and my boss who is also a department head (so I usually see him briefly a few times a day). Recently, the other woman in the lab graduated (with her Ph.D.) and is currently moving out of state. For her last day, we had cake and this balloon lab person waiting at her desk when she came in. I made it. Give me some credit – it’s a lot harder to draw a face on a balloon than one would think. And I don’t draw noses.

So now there are only two of us in the lab! It’s quite different, but good. It wasn’t that long ago when I was hesitant to talk about my co-workers for fear it sounded like I worked at a strip club (seriously – there was Candi, Angel, Honey, and me – Kat).

work story #2

Thursday morning I woke up not feeling great, especially when I tried to coax my body out of the warm bed. So I slept in a little, skipped my shower, and threw on a gray sweatshirt (one of Joe’s old ones, no less) and jeans for work. I don’t typically interact with other people much, so it doesn’t matter how I dress. (I know, that’s the sort of thing they’d freak out over someone saying on What Not to Wear.) Mid morning, I saw my boss and he reminded me that we had the award service this afternoon – where I’d get my 5 year service pin (I started here as an undergrad – I’m not quite that old yet). I had completely forgotten, and I asked him if I should run home and change, or at least put on one of our scrub shirts so people would assume I was doing some sort of surgery. He said “No, they don’t take pictures or anything. It’s not that big of a deal.”

That afternoon, I went down to the lobby a few minutes early, and a large mass of people are already listening to the Dean of the college – they had started a few minutes early! They began calling up people for the 5-year service awards. A friend who worked with me when she first got here was the first to go up. They handed her the pin and a fleece blanket (embroidered with our logo). Then there was a FLASH. If only it had been our seizure-inducing fire alarm lights. They were taking pictures of each individual with the dean. I’m not sure you understand the magnitude of this. These things have a way of showing up on the website, recruitment material, and those banners they attach to the light posts for everyone to see. My boss looked back at me, and I did my best to give an incredulous glare. He laughed and turned back around.

Well, I didn’t fall down as I accepted the pin and blanket, so it could have been worse. I’m hoping I blinked for the picture, though I’m not sure I timed it right.

And that’s my work story for today.

P.S. I did take lots of snow pictures. Translation for Mom: I don’t want any emails asking about the snow, I’ll post them when I can. ;)

P.P.S. Though quite old, there really are three other Fun at Work posts. Everyone knows a convincing made-up number should be odd. Not only is four even, it’s a square number. That’s making up numbers mistake #19. Catching on yet? Fine, if you don’t believe me, here are one, two, and three.


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