Winter has come!

First, we put an end to Fall with good food for Thanksgiving Day (most of which was prepared by Joe’s wonderful sister Emily)…
Then, lots of dessert! Emily’s mouth-watering couer de creme…and my cake (I’ve recently discovered mint chocolate Irish Cream, my current favorite surprise ingredient).

Just last week we had a rare welcome to winter – no, not the almost 80 degree weather Tuesday – snow on Wednesday!

Joe woke me up with news that it was snowing! Once we determined a suitable punishment if it was not actually snowing and he was just plotting to get me out of the warm bed, I got up and looked outside to see this:

I wrote this on our deck…and received a surprise snowball in the back!

Later, Joe called at work to tell me to look outside. It was snowing like crazy!!! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen it snow like that during the day, but I bet my age was in the single digits. Joe and NEVER seen snow like that (hey, he’s lived in Houston and L.A.)! It was exciting. My German and Kansasian? (from Kansas, not Kans – Asian) neighbors at work didn’t show proper enthusiasm, but I went outside with my coat and camera.

from my window… I like the dancing-couple sculpture
and from outsideI wasn’t the only one who didn’t expect the snow!
We had a safe drive home in the snow…and stopped by the creek a block from our house – it was beautiful!

Who knows if we’ll ever see our home with this much snow on it again?!? It was still snowing when we got home from work.

Joe won the snowball fight.Finally, Joe and I put up our Christmas tree last night!

Welcome winter! Feel free to stick with the 70 degree days!


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