boy, I’m lost…

I just came across this neat looking light fixture (on this designer’s site)…

The concept for the light came from a flight that crashed and was thought to have no survivors until years later. I read a little on the site they linked to about it and found that the crash happened in 2004! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it, much less that a movie hadn’t been made of the dramatic tale! I was also surprised that they had pictures of the plane in air, and thought it was a fluke that some family member or news photographer happened to take pictures of the plane. After several minutes of reading the history of Flight 815, I realized my mistake. Yes, I was reading the story of the popular television series, Lost. (I’ve never seen an episode, but Joe and I have thought about watching it all on DVD once it’s finished.)

What ever happened to design inspired by nature or emotions? I guess a lot of design now is inspired by art, I just hadn’t thought of a tv series that way before. What do you guys think?


3 thoughts on “boy, I’m lost…

  1. After spending 2 hours on Season 5 of Lost Wednesday night, I can see where they got the design. I still can’t follow the plot of lost and those 2 hours were typical of “what just happened and where are they going” plot they seem to have. Hence the light fixture, yes, it’s beautiful (as is the actors and scenes in the show), but is is just curling all around and hard to follow.

  2. I’ve never watched Lost either, so I’ll take Anonymous’ word that the design fits in with the plot. I think it’s an interesting idea. I’ve never seen this done before in an artistic way (meaning that I’ve seen decorations made after TV shows or movies, but it was always a character, or ship, or something tangible directly related to the plot). It’s a cool lamp, but looks fragile and I’d be afraid I’d break it.

  3. I am such a complete nerd that I immediately thought, “I think Kathryn is talking about Lost and doesn’t realize it.” I also can’t wait for the next installment of Star Trek. So sad.

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