I’m overdue to post pictures of the house – we’ve done a decent amount of work on it. Maybe I’ll get to tonight while Joe is camping (yes, the low is 32 degrees and yes, he’s a bit crazy).

Joe and I went to Houston last weekend to visit his parents and sister (a belated Christmas visit). It was a quick trip, but we got to see his cousin and 6 of her kids. That makes it sound like she’s got two dozen kids – she’s only got 7. ONLY. ;) We went to church with Joe’s parents so also saw several other people who love Joe and don’t get to see him very often.

A friend who used to live in town and be a part of the same local church as I am wrote an article published online. You can read it here – it’s not long, check it out! She includes some of her experience with our congregation.

I apparently didn’t blog about the ComChurch 10-year birthday celebration! (This is something she refers to in the article.) It happened towards the end of October – the weekend between the two weddings I mentioned. I was also distracted with 30 days of creativity posts and my friends adopting a cute new baby. Between all those things, my blog / explaining-what-was-happening energy was used up. But it was a great day! Lunch and fun outdoor time in a park close to our new house, and dinner / music / sharing that evening. Though I’d never met many of the people who came back to celebrate, I did know some and had heard about most.


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