pictures as a couple

It seems like every time Joe and I take a picture together, one of us looks good and the other looks like a dog in a car wash. I really don’t think it’s all in my head. The Christmas before last we took over 80 pictures of us to put on a Christmas card. Three turned out okay. THREE! If that’s not enough proof, here’s some more…

This looks like a normal picture of me… actually, it’s likely better than I normally look:Now, let’s pan out a bit and see Joe:
He did just walk in from the windy outdoors, but… well, maybe it’s just in my head… but when I imagine a half-crazed hungry vampire who is about to blow his cover (which I imagine fairly often), this is the look I see. It’s a little hidden behind the “Is this person going to count to three? I probably have a few seconds to get positioned” face, but that hint of barely controlled frenzy is there. (Hint: cover his mouth and just look at his eyes – it’s there!)


2 thoughts on “pictures as a couple

  1. that is one of the funniest things ever!!! I laughed out loud for sure. And thanks for sending me your link with the others as well!

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