Little Black Book

Around Christmas time, Joe bought be one of my new favorite things. It’s a little notebook that I write down ideas I have. The categories are things like Things to learn, Home Decor, Funny T-shirts, and Things to Give. Basically whenever I think of something I want to remember, I write it in there. I love using it!

This is the notebook I use – it also has a bookmark and pouch!

Most of what I write is related to things I’d like to make (like a piece of art for our wall or a potential Christmas gift). Some of these ideas just pop into my head, but usually I see something that inspires me – or that I just want to copy outright. :) My inspiration often comes from everyday places (a bamboo project from Panda Express) or design websites (like Dustbowl), tossed in with the occasional visit to galleries.

This week I seem to have an underlying theme in my ideas. You highlight one part by doing something to the less-important part! I’ll share.

Though it’ll probably be a kid or baby name (or one of the dozens of t-shirt ideas I have written down) instead of hello, I see this in my future…
That is the work of Emma Smart (found via sub-studio design blog).

Then I came across bleach stenciling.
I already know how the conversation at home will go…
Joe: You haven’t done that?!?
Me: No. Have you even heard of it before?
Joe: No, but it seems like the sort of thing you would have done.

I think I’ll let Mom off the hook for not introducing me… kids and bleach don’t mix well.

Now that I’ve started thinking about it, I’ve already got several ideas going. I think my first go will be making some contemporary / modern placemats. Placemats are so expensive, but cloth and bleach are so cheap!
I may try dipping the cloth in bleach water, or using rubber bands or strips of paper.

(these pics are some quickly done idea “sketches” I made using PowerPoint)

If you’re looking for bleach stencil ideas, you should check out this site – they must have had fun!

I’d love to hear some of your ideas! Have you ever tried bleach stenciling? Is it as easy as it looks?


4 thoughts on “Little Black Book

  1. don’t know that i have ever heard of doing this (one reason i never taught you how to do it). of course, in the 70’s we tie-died shirts and bleached blue jeans.


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