Finished Project!

Well, sorta finished. Back in October I was working on an embroidery project, and Phase I is complete! Here goes: (click on it to see it bigger)

I’m going to cut out the letters that I embroidered and sew them onto better fabric (that’s what I get for buying fabric from the $1 bin at Wal-Mart). The design on the P is a Celtic knot – which proves my interest in them extends to almost a year ago when I started this project!

The final product will be a duvet cover / quilt that looks something like this:

…except the purple will be the eggplant material below, the four shaded sections will be purple / gray leaf pattern below, and the middle will be a to-be-purchased silver / gray. (you can also see a close-up on the stitching for the bottom of the b and l)Here is the inscription below the shield:

I will embroider this in the same way I did Peebles on top, but much smaller. You can read my previous post for what it means. Time when I’m backstage turned out to be a great time to get some embroidery done!


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