COWPIE: childhood story

In case you didn’t know, Joe and I are competing in the COWPIE challenge.  Here’s your job: read both my entry (below) and Joe’s entry then vote (both below and on his page) to determine the winner.  Hurry!  Voting closes on Sunday!

Challenge: Write about a funny story from childhood.


In third grade my dad drove me to school every morning.  Usually we’d stop for donuts to eat during the 30 minute drive and then talk.  Spelling test days consisted of about 5 minutes of me spelling words aloud and 25 minutes of me insisting that when I said “s” I really meant “c” and that if I was writing it down I’d get it right, but other days were fun and full of conversation on topics like the U.S.S.R.’s space program (or maybe it was the previous Saturday’s Mighty Mouse cartoon – I can’t remember).

One week I started to feel convicted.  My dad had a behavior that authorities (like the TV) told me were wrong and potentially life-threatening.   For two days I tried to build up the courage to bring it up to my dad.  I had the feeling that he wouldn’t like what I had to say, but I loved him and knew it was for his own good to bring it up.  I prayed that God would give me the strength to do what was right and that my daddy would still love me afterward.  By the third day, I was determined.  I waited until we went got back into the car after the donuts shop so I’d have the longest part of the drive to talk about it.  As my heart raced, here’s how the conversation went:

Me:  Daddy, I really love you.
Dad:  I love you to, Kathryn.
Me:  Daddy, I didn’t get an orange juice today, and I don’t think you should drink that coffee right now.  I need to talk to you about something.
Dad:  Okay, what is it?
Me:  I know you seem safe, but it’s illegal to drink and drive, and you should stop.
Dad: What?  I don’t drink and drive.
Me:  Lots of people are killed by people who drink and drive, and you could get us both killed drinking that coffee every day on the way to school.  I love you.

Ah, the first time I heard about a strange thing called alcohol.  God bless my dad for not laughing at me – I don’t know how he did it.


Please read Joe’s entry before you vote, but place your vote on both blogs.  Please vote only once.


2 thoughts on “COWPIE: childhood story

  1. of course i didn’t vote Kathryn because i am her mom. there is just something about loss of innocence that is so cute. your dad doesn’t remember this exchange so many years ago, but he tends to pass over those “unforgettable moments”. and i thought you and your dad just identified, counted, added and subtracted money on the way to school.

  2. So cute! What a hilarious story! I like it even better because there is no mention of my evil dictator tendencies. :-)

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