COWPIE #2 – Nerd off!

This week’s challenge is “Who was / is – the bigger nerd?  A top 10 list.

I submit to you:

10.  Not only did I go to band camp, I went to drum major camp.

9.  Even though I knew I was not supposed to, I decided (at age 6) to lock myself in the bathroom and pick off a scab… so I could put some of my blood on a slide and look at it under my microscope.

8.  I have a video of me (age 10) scoffing at the idea of being a professional pianist when I grow up.  When the adult asked what I wanted to be, I replied “a scientist.”  (bonus points: My paycheck now comes from doing research in neuroscience.)

7.  The only personal bookmark I have on my work computer is to the New York Times’ Hard Sudoko puzzle (something to do while eating lunch).

6.   I participated in SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) at home (through Berkeley) both before and after it was cool.  (Or maybe I should get points for thinking it was cool at some point.)

5.  I got two Bachelors of Science degrees: Pure Mathematics and Microbiology.  (This implies many nerdy things, such as knowing most of the abbreviations for elements on the periodic table by heart.)

4.  When cooking, I dream about how much easier doubling or halving the recipe would be in metric.

3.  I got a perfect score on the math section of my SATs (and I’m not Asian).

2.  I named my first pet (not shared family pet) using the random number generator function on my graphing calculator.  So I had a fish named Ylem (pronounced eye-lem).

1.  My senior year of high school I not only went trick-or-treating as Dana Scully, but also gave a graduation speech in which I quoted the X-files (and the UFO poster in my room) – “the truth is out there.”

Check out Joe’s entry and Cory’s last minute entry before voting.  New voting procedure: vote by commenting on the blog post you think should win.  Feel free to vote anonymously, but vote only once.


9 thoughts on “COWPIE #2 – Nerd off!

  1. Again, it’s not because she’s my daughter. When i read this weeks question, i asked myself, how could Kathryn be a nerd when she is so normal? After reading her top ten reasons, she is definately a nerd. God, what did I do wrong? oh, well. Cory is at second and maybe a tie with Joe. Joe, sorry, but you sound fairly normal. Love all three of you.

  2. Kathryn, your NASA photo visually supplemented an impressive list. Just admitting having a pet fish should be enough to make you the overall winner. None of you look like nerds but Joe and Cory provided strong fashion comments. Joe being in a tribute choir group was a very strong point. However, when Cory protested that being in such a group was not nerdy, he received my vote. If it is not legal to vote based on comments, Joe gets the nod.

  3. Kathryn, I am voting for you because you are the classic nerd. My favorite is #2 because I don’t know how to use a graphing calculator and because you thought of naming a pet fish based on a function that I have never heard of. I love Ylem.

  4. I told you this in person (and i don’t think it made you very happy), but you win. I am greatly impressed (i mean it!) by this list. and just in case you think i’m patronizing you, remember that i have a huge comic book collection, i play the accordion (badly), and there is actual video somewhere on the internet of me doing nunchucks (not badly) in front of people at a talent show. I was 35 when the video was taken.

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