“Nerd-like tendencies”

I think that’s what I’m going to call it.  It’s pretty clear that I won last week’s COWPIE – a nerd off.  Yes, I won against two guys who work with computers for a living. Also, the votes that were NOT for me (ignoring 2/3rds of Joe’s vote) were by math people who are likely in denial about their own nerd-like tendencies.  Dad, where do you think I got it?

This last week’s challenge has truly challenged us – Joe and I have been *an item* for almost 10 years and it was mutually understood that Joe (who has more in common with Andy Bernard than Jim Halpert) was the nerdy one.  It should have been a warning sign when it took 5 minutes to write a list of 17 things that I had to cut down to 10.  I’m actually glad that my list surprised several of you… my scheme to share more about my right brain activities than my left has worked. ;)

I was going to include a list of ways I’m not a nerd, but could think of a counter for each one, so I gave up.  It looks like I’m moving past the denial phase.

More COWPIE-related announcements:

This week we’ll have a landslide in the other direction… it’s a song-writing contest, and the topic is a world-issue!  Joe’s been working on something for hours and I don’t even have lyrics yet.  The deadline is midnight tonight and we’re at work or with the kids until 9 (and I need my beauty rest).  Maybe a sudden burst of inspiration will hit me.  Hopefully. :)

Next week’s challenge: Bleach stenciled T-shirts!  I wrote about wanting to try this a while agoYOU CAN TRY, TOO! Come to our place with a colored T-shirt (or bag or cloth) this Friday night (the 17th) at 7pm.  Please comment or email if you plan to come.  I’m excited!

Now I’ve got to get back to my reading… ;)


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