COWPIE #3 – Global Issue Song

The 25 hour delay is 100% my fault, but it’s finally here!

Our challenge was to write a 1 minute long song on a global issue.  Remember, post a comment on one of our blogs (by midnight Sunday) to help pick the winner!

I submit to you (a very rough version of):

The War At Hand

Joe’s song is awesome – go listen to his!

lyrics for after you listen to the song: (I had more verses, but 1 minute is really short so you got a verse, chorus, and bridge… it’s too bad, I was proud of my toilet / soil it rhyme.)

There are choices we make and defend
Though the White House does not flaunt it
But many have fallen and met their end
To give us comfort where we want it.

Some want it over,
Some want ’em back, behind the rest.
How will we discover,
Reveal the fact of which one’s best?
I sit and wonder,
Should my T.P. go over or under?

It’s something we need (like the Saint Bernard from The Far Side)
Most our minds are made up (it’s all in the quilting)
This warning please heed (don’t squeeze the Charmin)
Write it in your pre-nup (along with crumple or fold)

Oh, I still wonder,
Should my T.P. go over or under?

bonus points: Who gets the Saint Bernard reference?  Anyone?

Tonight we’ll be doing the bleach stenciling for next week’s COWPIE challenge.  Come join us if you want to see what all the fuss is about.


2 thoughts on “COWPIE #3 – Global Issue Song

  1. I didn’t get the Far Side reference, but will check it out. I like both entries, it was worth the wait. Joe gets my vote on this one. Tried unsuccessfully to add comments to his blog.

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