Corpus Christi

I’m clearing out the drafts folder…

Back in April Joe and I made a trip to Corpus Christi for a Swingle Singers concert!  We’ve been a fan for a while now, and they don’t come over the pond often.

We checked into our cheap Priceline hotel, ate dinner, and headed to the concert a little early.  The concert was in a large auditorium with a couple of balconies on a college campus.  We figured it we were driving 10 hours total to see these guys, we could spend $12 more total to get tickets on the floor of the hall.  As the theater filled up, Joe and I started to get concerned.  This is what we saw:


Notice anything?  Yes, the average age seemed to be in the early 60’s.

We soon found out that this was in a concert series to which everybody who was anybody (over 65) had season tickets.  None of the old people around us had heard of the group before.  Afterwards, we found out at all of the younger people (sadly, many were high school choir nerds, but still) were up in the cheap seats.

It was a great show – they are all excellent (classically trained) musicians, and they turned out to be decent showmen, too.  We heard most of the songs we had hoped they would sing.

After the show we briefly talked with one of the women in the group.

Joe:  Y’all did a great job tonight.  Real quick, could you get everyone to gather around and sing “Bolero” – just really quick?
(Bolero is an 8 minute long song.  Joe was joking with her.)
Female Singer (imagine a British accent): Oh, well, I don’t know.  I think only four of us know it.
Joe:   That’s okay – y’all could just sing it REALLY QUICK.
Poor Clueless Female Singer:  Well, I – (looking around for her fellow singers, or perhaps an exit) – maybe, but not everyone knows it. I –
Kathryn:  It’s okay, he’s kidding.  You sounded wonderful tonight.

I bet if we have daughters, any boy will need to laugh at Joe’s jokes before he got Joe’s approval.  Amusing times (at least for me) are guaranteed to come.

That poor woman.  They just flew in from London earlier that day; she was probably jet-lagged, too.  Random other fact about her – she kept a tuning fork in her bra.  Between songs she would reach down the front of her shirt, slap the tuning fork against her knee, hold it up to her ear, hum a note to everyone else, and slip the fork back in her bra.  It cracked me up, but Joe didn’t notice her doing it, so maybe she was more subtle than I perceived.  This seemed strange, even for an a cappella group.  We should know.  Besides, they usually they have a tone play in their ear bud monitors (which I could see they had) or use a pitch pipe (stored in a pocket).

This is a video of the group (though not with the current members) doing some Bach:

And here is “A 5th of Beethoven” – a fun arrangement, but not a great video.  At least you get to see their take on choreography.

They do songs with words, too.  I just didn’t find videos for the songs I like.

We got to explore some of Corpus Christi – TAMU-CC has a pretty beach side campus.

TAMU Corpus Christi

There were several parks on the coast.  One had a cool looking skate park, and I got this picture of Joe:

Joe jumping header2

He also got pictures of me by the gulf… and I got splashed several times.  Here is me, sans neck (I knew I was about to get wet and cringed).

kat splash small2

The sky went from very cloudy and raining (the first pic of Joe) to not a cloud in the sky in about 20 minutes. Playing with the panoramic feature on our camera… not perfect, but neat.

panarama corpus small

We took (literally) hundreds of pictures and had a lot of fun.  We enjoy car rides together, so even the 5 hour drive back home was a good break for us.


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