Where have all the COWPIEs gone?

How bleak your Thursdays must have been for quite some time now.  We had let the COWPIES slip quietly away.  But not for much longer.

Joe and I were talking about the best way to consistently do COWPIES.  While we both enjoy the music challenges, we (ahem, Joe) tend to get rather obsessive and not get much else done those weeks.  We decided that we should have more writing challenges mixed in, since that is something neither of us gets too obsessive-compulsive about.  We talked about short stories being a fun option, even though neither of us have given that a try.  I said we should pick a topic, and Joe immediately suggested suspense / horror.  That was funny to both of us because we could not imagine the other writing in that style.

Last night I laid down and decided to give myself 10 minutes to write something (not quite a short story, but in that vein) in the horror category.  I’m about to share what came of that time.  First, I’m VERY curious how people who know me will react to me writing something like this.  So leave a comment or tell me in person!  Oh, and if you really hate the horror genre, don’t read the rest of this post.  I’d rather you think of me in happier ways.



I counted the drops falling into the bucket.  Twenty-eight since the last scream.  I could comfortably hold my breath for twelve drops, uncomfortably for forty-one.  Occasional large drops could ripple about two-thirds of the bucket’s width, but none made it all the way to the rim.

When it was over I went back to the room above and finished my work.  At night it rained.  The sound made my dreams repeats of the days.

The next day I settled down next to my bucket – all empty and cleaned out now, of course.  I looked down, away from the grates, as the cries turned to screams.  I began my wait for the flow to dwindle to comforting drops.



note:  If I try writing like this again, it WON’T be right before bedtime.  I had to read some of Breaking Dawn (Twilight series) to distract me so I could fall asleep.  I still had two dreams that were bad enough to wake me up.  My imagination is seriously too strong. Now tell me what you’re thinking!  So much for making your Thursday less bleak…


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