Hair and Harry!

As I went through pictures from the last couple of months, I saw some categories emerge and figured it’d be faster to blog that way than chronologically.  One surprising one is the number of pictures that have to do with (mostly my) hair.  That is unusual, even by Peebles standards.  (I did have one other post about hair, but it was Joe’s.)

I curled my hair for no real reason a couple of times.

curly hair kat

The first weekend in May we celebrated Joe and Emily’s birthdays in Houston.  Sadly, Emily had to get tested for Swine flu Saturday.  While we waited at her house, I played with her Chi (THE hair straightener to own).  I straightened my hair and then styled my mother-in-law’s (her picture came out blurry).  The Chi is awesome, and I’m still on a campaign to find a good deal on one for myself.  Seriously, it is much better than other brands and can curl hair wonderfully.


I kept wanting to play with it, and eventually bribed Joe to let me straighten his hair.  It took more convincing and a rock star style to get him to let me take his picture.

Joe being a good sport.  Almost.


Joe had a week-long computer training in Dallas in early May.  I could only take two days off work, but I joined him up there those two days.  Along with getting to visit my parents and friends at ComChurch Irving, I got a haircut and bought some stuff at Ikea (which falls in the forthcoming Work-on-the-House category).

Before (with bad lighting to make it look like a more dramtic change)

before haircut

After (at the hotel – not our shower curtain)

after haircut

I like my new haircut!  It seems to look ok without me doing anything to it, which is great.  It’s grown fast in the two months since I got it cut – now it’s closer to my shoulders.

Now, on to Harry.  As you know by the counter that I’m sure is on your desktop, the new Harry Potter movie comes out in a few days.  Next weekend we’re going to visit Lauren & Kevin in San Antonio and go with them to see the Half-Blood Prince.  Now the big question: What should we wear?  Joe and I have dressed up for the last three HP movies. (Want proof? last movie, last book, previous movies)  At times we’ve been the only ones in costume, it’s true, but that’s okay.  It’s fun.

Update (after I wrote this, before it posted):  Even though they may not be major characters, Joe and I plan to dress up as Lupin and Tonks.  Joe’s got a full beard right now, but we tend to ignore his facial hair for costumes.  I hope to color my hair pink or purple, that’d be fun (Tonks changes her hair color a lot).  We’ll dress up for the midnight release, along with a few people we’re going with (one of the benefits of knowing college students – they’re always up for that sort of thing).  We’ll still see the movie in San Antonio, but we might have mercy on my sister and not dress up again.

Tonks & Lupin (the werewolf) in this movie


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