San Antonio

The weekend before last we went to San Antonio to visit my sister & brother-in-law (Lauren & Kevin)!  It was a pretty drive.

trees over road

We talked, went grocery shopping, played Rock Band and SingStar (both video games where you make music).

We saw Harry Potter again (for the first time for them).

Don’t comment on how you like the costumes – those ARE normal clothes.

Harry Potter San Antonio

We saw some missions (but not the Alamo).



Joe and Kevin pretended to be Junior Rangers.  There was a sign instructing you how to pose (with hands on belt).

Joe Kevin junior rangers

I thought this sign was funny.

church sign

If you didn’t know, HEB (a major grocery store in the southern half of Texas) has its headquarters in San Antonio.

HEB helps

You might also not know that they provide hunger relief by giving kids milkshakes.  We had a very fun trip to visit Lauren and Kevin!  Lauren, you owe me for not including the one picture I had with you in it… remember this. :)


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