COWPIE #5 – Book Hook

Okay, the challenge was to write the beginning of a book (120 words or less).  The entry with the most votes wins.  Please vote on the entry that most makes you want to read more of the book.  (Do not base your vote on whether or not you generally like that type of book.)

Kathryn’s entry:

I hope they know I still love them. It’s time.

Maybe if I just focus on the blade… sterile, bleak. Maybe not the blade.

Should I do this over this sink? It’d be easier if I was sitting – maybe over the tub. Less Mess, More Rapport. Even now their stupid slogans pop into my mind. At least I’ve got one thought I know is not from them.

Left forearm over the tub. Good – resting it helps it shake less. Stupid nerves. Not for much longer. Everything is ready.

Holy– that HURTS! Focus! Only the skin above the artery is cut. Where’s the –

Alright. The disc is in, and the MedTape is on. The changes will begin soon.

I believe Joe and (maybe?) Andrew also have entries you should read before voting.


4 thoughts on “COWPIE #5 – Book Hook

  1. You know me, I don’t read, and I wasn’t interested in either of your stories, so here is mine:

    What’s that noise? Noone else is home, is there? “Hello, is anyone here?” There it is again – from the attic bedroom. This is like one of those movies where you say, don’t go in there, stupid, it’s waiting for you. But this is real. That’s strange, what’s on the ceiling? Oh yeah, from the old roof leak. But I don’t remember it being like that. It’s squishy and like an upside-down ant hill. Hey, I could just put my hand up in the hole. Did it just breathe? No, I guess I’m just dizzy from looking up too long. What is up there? Noooooooooo

    Shelly, I’m home. Shelly, where are you? Is that you upstairs?

  2. Cory – that was great, and I’m impressed you counted the words (I really had to hold back not to double-check). Sorry you weren’t hooked, mom. Consider us even – though yours sounds like a movie I’d get suckered into watching on SciFi (SyFy now?). I did think the similarities between Joe’s and mine where pretty funny (given that we don’t see the other person’s in advance). Usually, neither of us write in a stream of conscientiousness / first person perspective – and we generally aren’t conspiracy theorists. I wonder if someone could write one that did NOT start out with a dangerous situation. I tried to think of something romantic that would be intriguing, but I guess this is what I get for reading so much horror during my formative years.

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