Free Birthday Stuff!

My birthday is next Tuesday, so that means I’ve started getting emails for free stuff!  Joe is 15 months older than me – it works out that I freak out about HIS age every May.  By the time August rolls around, I’m thinking “Now I’m going to be x years old!  Wait, no!  Joe is x years old, I’m only going to be x-1 years old!”  I’m flooded with relief, and then with emails for free food.  (Sorry for maxing out the daily math quota for some of you.)

In case anyone is interested in getting coupons for free food around your birthday, I’m listing all the ones I’m getting.  Most send the coupons out a week before your birthday, so sign up before then.  Some are free, some are free with purchase of another item (I’ll specify below).  Several send out other coupons throughout the year.  I’m adding more as I get them, so you might want to check back later if you want to sign up for them.

Schlotzsky’s – Free small The Original Sandwich

Dairy Queen Fan Club – Free 16 oz Blizzard treat with purchase of another 16 oz Blizzard

Fazoli’s – Free dessert (Italian Lemon Ice, chocolate chip cookie, or slice of cheesecake)

McAlister’s – $5 off your meal

On The Border – Free empanadas or dessert with purchase of one or more entrees

On The Border Club Cantina – Free Dip Trio or Brownie Sundae with purchase of one or more entrees

Texas Roadhouse – Free appetizer or sidekick of ribs with purchase of adult entree

Ben & Jerry’s – Free single scoop of ice cream

Baskin-Robbins – Free scoop of ice cream (2.5 oz)

Cold Stone Creamery – one free Like It Create Your Own Creation (lame name, yummy ice cream) served in a cup


5 thoughts on “Free Birthday Stuff!

    • I’ve never heard of it, but it looks good! We’ll be traveling to / through cities that have those in the next couple of weeks, so maybe I’ll get to check it out. Thanks!

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