We won!

Thanks for all of your votes for our picture – we won our category!

We will set up a full photo shoot soon, and will also get a free 4×6 picture because we got over 100 votes.

This has been a big week for us – lots going on that I haven’t shared!

Joe’s work decided to restructure, but for him that means new job responsibilities that have more earning potential.  Ask him about it!  He’s about to become more of a computer nerd.

We both got sick (me first, then him) with a lot of congestion and sore throats.  I think we went through 500 tissues this week, half of which are on the floor beside the bed where Joe slept all day Thursday.  I’m back to normal, and Joe’s almost well.

Joe had a cyst removed from the back of his neck Wednesday.  It wasn’t really dangerous, just painful.  I watched the doctor do it. (He asked if I were squeemish!  I’ve definitely not only seen, but DONE much worse.)  I don’t think Joe appreciated the play-by-play the doctor was giving for my benefit.  The upside is that I think I could give someone stiches in a real pinch – it’s the exact same as at work.  Poor Joe – he had to keep a big bandage on it for 48 hours, during which he couldn’t let it get even close to wet.  So no shower for two days – poor Kathryn. But he showered and we changed out the bandage last night, so we got to enjoy First Fridays last night.

Joe’s plans for today got cancelled, so we’ll have time to work on the house today for the first time in several weeks.  I think I’ll be cleaning / organizing while Joe does floor or baseboards.  The first Aggie football game of the season is today, so we’ll have to hide out in the house.  Maybe I can get some student-less grocery shopping done during the game.  Enjoy your Saturday!  And thanks for the votes!


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