if Carter’s is on board, you should be 2

This post is clearly overdue (yes, thanks, like all my posts – why do I have such sarcastic friends?).

Our friend Ross (also our church small group leader and a professional musician) recently released a kid’s album!  We’ve been listening to it a lot during our holiday travels, and it’s very fun.  It’s also been kid-approved, even from our friends who don’t actually know Ross. :)  You should definitely go buy the CD or download it on iTunes. When you do, be sure to listen for Joe singing back-up on the alphabet song – track 6 (Joe also helped arrange that song – you may remember a long time ago I was getting a bit sick of the alphabet :) ).

We knew the album was awesome, but didn’t realize that Carter’s (baby clothes/blankets/etc. brand) had gotten on board until last week!  We were at the outlet malls in San Marcos and saw this:

Yes, the title of (probably) my favorite song on the album!  You can listen to that song here (select “happy to be me” from the list in the music player on the right) while you wait for the album to download or arrive.

Seriously, Ross is considering having shirts made (with much better designs than Carter’s has) – check them out and leave a comment on his blog if you’re interested.  And buy the album!


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