the last week and a half…

has been crazy.  Not as crazy as life for a lot of people, I’m sure.  But crazy enough for me.  Some events have been significant, but others I will have forgotten about by next month.

Here are some highlights chronologically:

– At the end of last week, some close friends began to pursue fostering / adopting a special needs child who speaks no English (and it’s a very fast process).

– Last Saturday Joe planned a Valentine’s Day (last one without kids to consider) adventure for us.  We spent the night in downtown Houston.  Sunday morning we went to a Babies R Us and Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factory.  Also, we officially gave up on finding me a maternity coat (everything we’ve seen the last few months either looks / fits bad or costs waaay to much and I have borrowed things that can be made to work).

– Last Sunday night, Joe’s grandmother Bonnie passed away. His family has had rough times recently.  Joe’s other grandmother died mid-December, his father almost died in January (but is recovering well), Bonnie died last week, and this week his ex-brother-in-law’s (still very close to the family) mom is in the hospital in critical condition (days later she is still sedated after a difficult surgery to remove what turned out to be 6 tumors).

– Tuesday we enjoyed a concert by the Mwangaza Children’s Choir from Uganda.  What was even better than the dancing (wow!) and singing was watching our friends’ kids enjoy the show.  They were so filled with joy!  Wednesday evening we got to spend some time with a few of the people from the group and some friends from our small group who were hosting them.

– Wednesday night / Thursday morning I was very sick.  I’m sure it was pregnancy-related (at the very least food poisoning that was pregnancy-compounded since Joe and I had eaten the same things).  This has happened a few random times after the first trimester.  I ended up taking off work all day Thursday and stayed in bed.  That helped.

– Thursday night Joe treated me to a movie – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  I enjoyed it, but it was predictable.  If you are not familiar with Greek or Roman mythology it may seem less that way.

– Friday night was supposed to be our cleaning-the-house night.  Joe did clean, but I was worn out and ending up sitting while working on a craft project or talking to my sister.  Joe was very patient. :)

– I have a creative project that I started Friday night and need to finish this week.  I think this is the first creative thing I’ve worked on since August.  It’s been way too long, and I’m excited about this.

– Saturday was the memorial service for Bonnie Peebles.  It was good, and I hope to write more about this soon.  We also saw some of Joe’s extended family on his Dad’s side that we hadn’t seen recently.  Kids grow like weeds.  That also meant close to 5 hours in the car yesterday – stopping to walk around does help with the discomfort.

– Today I’m working on normal things (like laundry) and Joe’s working on the house.  During the car ride we had time to prioritize and plan, which is good.  We hope to have the baby room cleared out this week (and not just moved to another room) before our baby shower next Sunday.

The weeks are going fast now.  I’m over 29 weeks out of 40!  Weekends are busy on the calendar now.  Sunday evenings our church meets, Monday nights we have birthing class, and Tuesday nights our small church group meets.  Between busy weekends and all that, it feels like we only have Wednesday and Thursday nights that make up our entire week.

Well, here’s to a week that feels slower (in a good way)!


3 thoughts on “the last week and a half…

  1. It’s funny, I only heard of Bradley a few years ago, and suddenly everyone I know is using it. It’s a ways off, but it will probably be the one I use too if I ever have kids.

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