genuflection & other things to be excited about

Sometimes I wake up with a word stuck in my head.  Today that word was genuflection.  Did I know what it meant?  No.  So I asked Joe (Mr. “I Took Latin and Greek in School” is good with words) on the way to work.  He guessed that genuflect meant to bend at the knee (and he turned out to be right).

I told him that I’d only heard it used in a song.  He said, “Yeah, me too.  In Aladdin.”  Aladdin?  As most people our age could tell you, Robin Williams / the Genie in the song “Prince Ali” from Disney’s Aladdin says:

Prince Ali! Fabulous he!
Ali Ababwa
Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee!

I had actually been thinking of another song I hadn’t heard in a while – “Henry Ford” from the musical Ragtime.  Henry Ford and his workers sing about the newest innovation – the assembly line.  My senior year of high school (when I was drum major), we used this song in our halftime show to compete at UIL.

One man tightens
And one man ratchets
And one man reaches
To pull one cord.
Car keeps moving
In one direction.

A genuflection to
Henry Ford!
Praise the maker
Of the Model T!

And here’s a video of a reproduction, just for fun.

(some of the lyrics are hard to understand – this one doesn’t have dancing but is clear)

So genuflection is getting down on one knee to humble yourself or present something to someone with authority.  I imagine a man being knighted or proposing marriage.  When I looked it up online, it only described how people act towards a Catholic Bishop or royalty.

The dictionary definition of genuflect is: (1) to touch the knee to the floor or ground, especially in worship (2) to be servilely obedient or respectful.

I’ve been thinking on that a lot today. I’m surprised we don’t hear “genuflect” more often.

Other things to be excited about in our mini-world:

(sadly, I have still not downloaded pictures, so that doesn’t make the list)
(1)  I was thrown a baby! shower! this past Saturday!  So many friends and family came… it was great.  I’ll share pictures at some point. (It is fun to play with punctuation, isn’t it?)

(2)  The Theater Company (local community theater) is putting on Into the Woods at the end of the summer.  I saw this when I was young, and it’s still in my top 3 favorite musicals.  I’d love to audition… but we’ll have a baby by then.  That’s crazy to think about.

(3)  It looks like we’ll have a new housemate (in addition to the baby) starting in late May.

(4)  Heinz ketchup (the ONLY ketchup you should use) made a new packet that you can use for dipping OR squeezing!  It’s cute, and I hope to see it in person soon.

(5)  My sister and her husband have a contract on a home in San Antonio.  I’m excited because that’s what they wanted, though sad because that means they probably won’t be moving here any time soon.

(6)  The baby had the hiccups for the first time (that I’m aware of) today!  It was like consistent medium-strength kicks because he was pressing against the outside of my stomach.

(7)  It’s pretty weather (low 60’s & sunny) outside.  The Peebles household is ready to be done with winter.

(8)  My parents put the drawer handles on this weekend, so we can use all the storage in the bathroom now.  It’s more exciting than it sounds.


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