baby name idea

Does this picture creep anyone else out?

What did they do with the rest of the baby?

I had a dream last night that Joe and I were trying to come up with a name for our baby (something we spent a lot of time doing this weekend).

The dream went a lot like our real conversations.

Joe said, “What about the name Hotplate?”

I considered it and replied, “Hmm, maybe.  What does it mean?”

I’ve been praying that God will give us the right name for this baby, preferably by dream or feelings of assurance.  I think that Joe sometimes exemplifies this side of God to me – I ask a question and if he’s not ready to tell me, I get a joke in response.  It happens fairly often, but I appreciate it more than silence.

Join with me. Yes, God, we acknowledge you are VERY funny.  Now about this little boy’s name?

We still don’t have a name, but you have to admit – Hotplate Peebles has a bit of a ring to it.


One thought on “baby name idea

  1. I am sure that whatever name that you choose will “fit” this little boy perfectly. I know that my own children seem to have the perfect name…and I cannot conceive calling them anything else.
    The both of you will come up with something that your son will “grow into”…
    Could you imagine calling Joe by any other name…or yourself by another name.
    We love you both…take care…keep us posted.
    We are so happy for both of you.
    And we love you both!!!!
    Mom and Dad Peebles

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