Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to the person who checks my blog more than anyone else!

I hope you’re enjoying your last birthday before officially becoming a grandpa!  I’m very excited that you’ll finally have a little boy to do sports with.  It was nice once Joe & Kevin came along, but it’s not like they need someone to teach them how to throw a football.  Well, even if they need someone to, they might not have the interest. :)

Both Joe & I are praying that our son does not inherit my… let’s just say lack of athleticism.  Dad, hopefully you will have much more success teaching with your grandson sports than you had with your two daughters.

I know at least as far back as fourth grade, maybe earlier, my dad would play softball with my sister and I.  Well, at least I thought we were playing softball.  Lauren has always hated balls coming towards her, so she would just cringe and back away if she was supposed to be catching or batting.  Swinging the bat while running away never worked for her, but she usually tried.  So Lauren would always end up fielding (of course going the opposite direction of the ball until it stopped completely – she often was on her bike).  I got a lot of batting / catching / throwing practice and instruction, but never actually got good.  We all (mom napping at home included) enjoyed these times.

I remember once during my senior year of high school my dad and I were in the street in front of the house throwing a ball back and forth.  Then we decided to practice me catching pop ups (something I’m especially bad at).  I lined myself up under the ball and had my glove up ready to catch it, right up until it hit me hard in the nose.  (My nose bled, but I’m an easy bleeder.)

One would think that after years of “playing softball” I would at least be better than average.  I’m not, BUT I am better at softball than I am at most other sports.  Yes, that’s like saying that a fish can walk better on hardwood floor than carpet, but still.

So happy birthday, Dad!  And thanks for spending all that time patiently playing sports with Lauren and I.  I truly hope you’ll get to enjoy just as much fun but more fruit from your labor with your new grandson.  And I’m pretty sure Joe’s willing to concede all football-related teaching to you. :)


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. Hello Kat and Joe,
    I am enjoying reading about your progress as you approach motherhood. It definitely brings back memories. I love the sideways picture of you! You are definitely close to having that baby. We are excited for you…and I hear that you have had help from your parents in finishing off the nursery.
    Fred and Kay said that everything looked great at your home.
    Take care…
    We love you both, (and the baby)…
    Mom and Dad Peebles,
    otherwise known as Gloria and Tom

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