rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…

When Ewan was 13 days old he scared both me and him by rolling from his back to his stomach.  He did it a few more times by accident, but now he’s doing it on purpose at 12 weeks old.

He still can’t roll from his stomach to his back, which is supposed to come first.  He’s rolled over intentionally several times every day the last four days.  We caught on video his third intentional roll.  This is the only roll I’ve laid beside him for – we were trying to convince him to roll for the camera.

I like my new software – PowerDirector.  You should be grateful – if not for it’s cropping tool, my rear end would be center screen.  Since it took a while for us to convince him to turn over I made this twice the normal speed.  I was going to put circus music over it, but our voices sounded so funny I left them in.


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